About us

Summer Sands Beach Resort

Summer Sands Beach Resort, located on the famous Ullal-Someshwar beach, is a resort that is set in a historical, traditional, cultural and folk lore background. It is the first beach resort of Karnataka.

Discovered by the Portuguese, as legend has it that when they landed, they exclaimed OLALA, on a map its still there and Rani Abakka Chowta the first Tuluwa queen who ruled from 1526 -70 in Ullal and the Chowta Dynasty from Udupi to Kasargod. Not forgetting the legend of the Syed Madani Darga.

Summer Sands Beach Resort started in year 1972 by the famous Albuquerques of Mangalore with the purpose of providing retreat, quite, relaxation and a home away from home. Begun with an intention to house expats that set up chemicals, petrochemicals chemicals, harbour and today Mangalore surging to be smart city. The ambience  is traditional heritage style with coconut palms swaying to local wind tunes.

The Albuquerque family legend says came from Kashmir, to Bihar, to Goa to Ullal. Rani Abbaka Chowta from Gujarat to Ullal, Expats from England, Germany, Japan to Ullal. Coming to Summer Sands  is a small journey  but a leap into history, tradition and development. Come connect and holiday.

‘A Place Where Peace Finds You A Bond That Lasts Forever’